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Midnight Seduction

Jewels of the Nile IV
ISBN: ebook 9781419919237
print 9781419958168
Release Date Dec 22, 2008
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Lacey Marceaux is terrible in bed. A fact confirmed by her ex when she caught him in bed with another woman. After that, the little confidence Lacey did have was ground to dust.

Now Lacey’s dating her boss, the scrumptiously sexy Kyle Turner. But every time Kyle tries to touch to her, she panics and pushes him away rather than risk exposing her lack of bedroom finesse.

Lacey is about to lose the man she’s falling in love with. She needs help, and she’s about to get it from an unlikely source—Kyle—who’s not even aware of his ability to seduce her in her dreams…

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Warning: This excerpt contains material inappropriate for minors.
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Invite me in.

At that moment, if Kyle Turner had a way to bend a person’s will, he would have done it. He stood facing the woman who rocked his world. But she didn’t believe it, and he didn’t know how to show her what he felt. Especially when she would hardly let him touch her.

Her face aglow beneath her porch light, she smiled at him, and the earth moved beneath his feet. Goddamn.

Lacey Marceaux. The woman he’d had his eye on for five years, since the day she stepped into the downtown San Francisco offices of Turner & Hannover Construction as their project manager. His partner Tom had hired her—without a doubt the best thing Tom ever did for the company.

“Thanks for tonight.” Her voice ricocheted through him and he sucked in a breath.

Did she comprehend what she did to him? No, he thought wryly, glancing at her downcast eyes. Clearly not.

In the two months they’d been together, kissing was as far as she allowed it to go. As soon as he tried to take it a step further, she’d push him away. She took him from amazing, intense arousal to frigid rejection, again and again. Physically, it was like having ice-cold water thrown directly on his aching cock. Even worse was what she was doing to his head. Each time she did it, it was like she twisted a red-hot poker deeper into his gut. He wasn’t used to rejection. But the way he felt about Lacey—damn, what could he do? He didn’t want to walk away from what they had.

“I had a good time.” He took a step toward the door and paused meaningfully.

Either she didn’t get the hint or…something. He couldn’t figure her out. He knew he was the first man she’d dated since her divorce was finalized, but if she kept it up much longer, he was going to go insane with wanting her.

Screw it. He slipped his arm around her waist and gently pulled her close. Bending down, he let his lips hover over hers, drinking in her sweet scent, belatedly realizing she would be able to feel his rock-hard erection pressing against her belly.

See how I want you, Lacey?

She gasped, stiffened, but before she could pull away, he captured her mouth with his.

Not good enough. She froze in his arms, her lips tightened, and she flattened her palms against his chest in an attempt to push him back. Kyle wrenched away, clenching his teeth to subdue the groan of frustration rising in his throat.

He couldn’t do this anymore. This wasn’t going to work, damn it.

Before he could slam his fist through the plastered siding beside her front door, she grabbed his hand. “Come over for dinner tomorrow.”

Tangling his fingers with hers and squeezing tightly, he perused her body through narrowed eyes. He slowly scanned her curving, flared hips, her abundant cleavage, the clavicle where he could see her frantic pulse. His gaze wandered upward, to her auburn hair fanned out over her shoulders, her heart-shaped face, the pink lips he’d just kissed, and the blue-green eyes that had instantly entranced him five years ago.

She’d just—literally—pushed him away and now she was asking him to dinner. His pride told him to sneer at her and stalk off. But he couldn’t. A big part of him was undeniably connected to this woman, and he wanted to make it work, as impossible as it seemed at this moment.

Jewels of the Nile IVTomorrow they’d be alone, in her house. He’d talk to her—get to the bottom of what was going on with her, with them.

Maybe he’d have to end it. His gut clenched. Damn, he didn’t want that, didn’t want it at all.

But he wasn’t made to be celibate. He couldn’t live like this.

Tomorrow he’d make love to her…or break this whole thing off.